2.8x increase in volume of pesticide use from 1960-2007 in US

EPA: Pesticide use increased from approximately 400 mil lbs/year in mid 1960s to an estimated 1133 mil lbs/yr in 2007 in the US. 2.8x increase. Pesticide use US and world in 2001 (US stopped collecting pesticide use data in 2001, now measuring pesticide residues in food instead): World: 5.05 billion pounds US: 675 million pounds World: Estimated number for pesticide use in 2007 is 5,211 million pounds US: Estimated number for pesticide use in 2007 is 1,133 million pounds AND: Amount of Pesticides Used in the US and Worldwide "The EPA reported that 4.9 billion pounds of pesticide products were used in the United States in 2001, which is equivalent to 4.5 pounds per person. Approximately 888 million pounds of active ingredients and 600 different chemical compounds were included in these pesticides. The agriculture industry used about 675 million pounds of pesticide active ingredient (76% of total active ingredients used) and 102 million pounds (11.5%) were used on lawns and gardens by homeowners and by government and general industry. Another 2.6 billion pounds were used in disinfectants, and 0.80 billion pounds were used for wood preservatives. Worldwide, about 5.05 billion pounds of pesticide active ingredient were used in agriculture in 2001."

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