Most increase in world population occurring in countries representing just 19.5% of population

Total population of the seven countries and nine Indian states with the highest population growth:1,376,941,889 (Nigeria:173,615,345, Tanzania: 49,253,126, the Democratic Republic of Congo:67,513,677, Niger:17,831,270, Uganda:37,578,876, Ethiopia:94,100,756, and the United States:316,128,839 Assam:30,940,000 Bihar:99,020,000 Chhattisgarh:24,580,000, Gujarat:62,700,000, Haryana:25,350,000, Jharkhand:31,900,000, Madhya Pradesh:73,340,000, Rajasthan:68,890,000, Uttar Pradesh:204,200,000)

World population:7,046,000,000

Percent of the world's population these seven countries and nine states represent:1,376,941,889/7,046,000,000(100%)=19.5%

"Population (Total), 2009-2013," The World Bank, accessed July 14, 2014,

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