Review of studies where authors with conflicts of interest with GMO industry conclude GMOs safe

"A review of 94 published studies on health risks and nutritional value of GM crops found that they were much more likely to reach favourable conclusions when the authors were affiliated with the GM industry than when the authors had no industry affiliation. In the studies where there was such a conflict of interest, 100% (41 out of 41) reached a GMO Myths and Truths 171 favourable conclusion on GMO safety. The remaining 53 papers, in which none of the authors had professional ties to the biotech industry, were split: 39 concluded safety, 12 found problems, and two had neutral conclusions.5 This was a highly statistically significant difference: the probability of it happening by chance was less than one in 1,000. This finding suggests that if a study on GMOs involves an industry scientist, it will invariably find no problem with the GMO."

"Independent studies 12/53 found problems (Almost one in four found problems ) Independent studies 2/53 inconclusive Industry-linked studies 41/41 no problems (None found problems)"

Diels J, Cunha M, Manaia C, Sabugosa-Madeira B, Silva M. "Association of financial or professional conflict of interest to research outcomes on health risks or nutritional assessment studies of genetically modified products," Food Policy 36, no. 2 (2011):197–203, accessed July 21, 2014, doi:10.1016.

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