In Costa Rica there is no deforestation, 24% of territory is protected, and ecotourism surpasses liv

Costa Rica: - 1960/70s = high deforestation rates (at 3-4%) (page 41) - Today = close to zero deforestation rate (page 41) - 24% of Costa Rica territory is now protected (1.2 million ha) (page 41) - Protected areas used for ectotourism (page 41) - Ecotourism alone brings in more foreign money than livestock exports use to (page 41)

Direct Quote: “Costa Rica has gone from very high annual deforestation rates (around 3 to 4% of its forest area/year) during the 1960s and 1970s to close to zero forest loss today (Camino et al., 2000; Sanchez-Azofeifa et al., 2007). Public policies were also important drivers of this change, together with structural economic changes.” "Protected areas in Costa Rica represent 24% of its territory (1.2 million ha) and are used more intensively than in Brazil, especially for ecotourism (Hoffman, 2011)52. Tourist numbers increased from 387,000 in 1988 to 2.5 million in 2008, when tourism reached 15% of GDP. Ecotourism alone now brings in more foreign currency than livestock exports did previously (Camino et al. 2000; Brown and Bird, 2011; Christian et al., 2011)." (pg 41)

United Nations Environment Program, "The Emissions Gap Report 2012," (Nairobi: UNEP, 2012), 41, accessed June 9, 2014,

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