38 countries meeting MDG for hunger by 2013 make up 18% of world population

38 countries met the Millennium Development Goal of halving prevalence of hunger by 2015 compared to 2000. Of them 4 countries, the largest by population (Bangladesh, Nigeria, Brazil, Indonesia), account for 61.2% of the 38 countries. The top 4 countries by population account for 10.9% of world population Total population of 38 countries = 1,256,136,546 these 38 countries make up 17.8% of world population Top 4 countries population = 769,049,354 population

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations "Progress Is Proof That Hunger Can Be Eliminated," Accessed on April 15, 2014. http://www.fao.org/news/story/en/item/178065/icode/ [verified 4/15/14]

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