Dietary energy supply adequacy between 1990-2013: Sub-Saharan Africa up 11%, Developing Regions as a

[GIULIO's NOTE]: the following are taken from Table 2 on page 19 of SOFI13 titled Average dietary energy supply adequacy in the developing regions, 1990–92 to 2011–13 It shows that today, the world as a whole is at about 122% of dietary energy supply adequacy. Frankie noted that this should be in line with the 2831 kca/capita/day figure the FAO food balance sheets report. Between the periods of 1990-92 and 2011-13 the following increases in the percentage of energy supply adequacy occurred: Sub Saharan Africa: up 11% World: up 7% Developing Regions: up 9.2% Developed Regions: up 3% Asia: up 9.3%

FAO, The State of Food Insecurity in the World 2013, (Rome: FAO), 2013, Table 2, 19, [verified 4/15/14]

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