Use of grain for feed will grow almost four times faster than grain for food from 2012/13 to 2013/14

"World cereal utilization in the new season (2013/14) is likely to expand by 3.4 percent from the 2012/13 estimated level to 2 415 million tonnes. Most of this increase would reflect higher feed use, which is projected to absorb 843 million tonnes, 5.8 percent more than in 2012/13. Utilization of cereals for food is forecast to expand by 1.5 percent, to 1 099 million tonnes, which would lift world average per caput consumption from 152.5 kg in 2012/13 to 153.3 kg in 2013/14. Other uses of cereals, including industrial use, and waste (or post-harvest loss) are projected to reach 473 million tonnes, up 3.7 percent from 2012/13." [Frankie]: rate difference is 3.9 times. (5.8 / 1.5)

FAO, "FAO Cereal Supply and Demand Brief," Available at [verified 4/15/14]

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