World Fertilizer Price Index 1960 to 2014 rose unevenly from 65 to 107

Global fertilizer prices have fluctuated since 1960. They started at $65 in 1960, were fairly stable for a decade, then increased nearly threefold to $182 in 1974. Two years later the price index dipped back down to $59, and then slowly increased more than three-fold to a peak value of $196 in 2008. Since then, the global fertilizer price index has decreased to $107. This index uses the 2005 US dollar value as a base value. World Bank collects commodity price data annually... and publishes "pink sheets" with the price indices. This data came from a larger excel worksheet published by the World Bank. To find it, go to the World Bank's Commodity Markets page via this link (,,cont...), and at the bottom of the page is a list of featured products. One of them, in the lower left corner, is labeled "Historical Data." Then on the 4th tab/page called "Annual Indices Real" is a column of fertilizer price index (column M) with annual updates from 1960-2014.

[MR-FERTILIZER PRICE TRENDS] "Fertilizer," World Bank Commodity Price Data (The Pink Sheet), Commodity Markets: Historical Data: Annual: Annual Indices Real, World Bank April 2014. Accessed April 4, 2014,,cont... [verified 4/15/14]

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