Internal whistle-blowing really does "take a village"

In summary, the findings of David Mayer and et al. suggest that encouraging internal whistle-blowing really does "take a village". Consistent with both study 1 and study 2, study 3 found that only 46.6% of participants reported unethical behavior internally. Mayer et al. suggest that ethical reporting is enhanced if ethical behavior is also displayed by coworkers. Further, in studies 2 and 3, they found that this effect is explained by a fear of retaliation. When supervisors and coworkers were deemed ethical, participants were less likely to fear retaliation and internal whistle-blowing increased.

David Mayer et al. "Encouraging employees to report unethical conduct internally: It takes village". January 7, 2013. Study. May 28, 2013.

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