Venezuela Election rate of participation is 81%. In the US, it is only 54%.

Interestingly, USA Today’s post-election breakdown for Venezuela (10/8/12) failed to mention its historic, 81-percent participation rate. Such a turnout would be unimaginable in the United States, as one could infer from an earlier article (8/15/12) in that same newspaper, headlined “Why 90 Million Americans Won’t Vote in November.” To explain a projected turnout of 54 percent, USA Today quoted its own survey of eligible but unlikely voters, finding that six in 10 said they “don’t pay much attention” to politics because “nothing ever gets done: It’s a bunch of empty promises.”

Keane Bhatt, "Fear of a Venezuelan Example," Extra! December 1, 2012. Accessed on May 21, 2013.

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