Zero Hunger in Brazil Food Acquisition Program promote production and consumption milk

At the 2008 International Right to Food Forum, Rosilene Cristina Rocha from Brazil's Ministry of Social Development and Fight Against Hunger gave a presentation.

In the Fome Zero, or Zero Hunger program, there is a Food Acquisition Program (under the acronym PAA) which is intended to strengthen family agriculture. Part of the program is to offer milk to families in situations of food and nutrition insecurity and to promote the family production of milk.

Slide from her presentation gives these figures:


2003: US$ 91 million - (39.500 people)

2007: US$ 168 million – (8,7 million people)

2008: US$ 15 million - (11,4 million people at the moment).

[This is from a PowerPoint- can't determine exactly what her point would have been without hearing the presentation.]

Rosilene Cristina Rocha, “Experiences on the Implementation of the Right to Food – Brazil,” International Right to Food Forum, (Rome: FAO, October 2008), accessed September 30, 2014,

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