Solar Spinach: Protein found in spinach converts almost 100% of sunlight into energy

"The protein in spinach has been found to convert light into energy so readily that it is being combined with silicon to make hyper-efficient solar cells. This protein (PS1) can continue to photosynthesise even when extracted from the parent plant, the converts almost 100% of sunlight into energy - more than double the efficiency of today's best photovoltaic panels. THis bio-hybrid solar cell is non-toxic and renewable and could potentially transform the photovoltaic market, although commercialization is still some way off. The science "bio-mimicry" continues to surprise us by unveiling Nature's innate wisdom."

Lorna Howarth, "Solar Spinach," Resurgence and Ecologist Jan/Feb 2013 (No link available) [verified 4/17/14]

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