42.3% of Fast-food workers think they make the world worse off

42.3% of fast food workers believe their jobs make the world a worse place. Respondents were asked whether their jobs “make the world a better place,” and were given the options of: “very much so,” “yes,” “a little,” “no” and “My job may make the world a worse place. However be careful because: "Take this number with a grain of salt, though, since workers opt into PayScale’s database, rather than being randomly selected. PayScale has said that it regularly compares its data to those from the Labor Department and other sources to make sure its numbers appear accurate and representative. But even so, the types of workers more likely to take part might somehow differ in subtle ways from those who don’t."

Source:Catherine Rampell, "Top 10 Jobs That Make the World a Worse Place," New York Times, Feb. 20, 2012. http://economix.blogs.nytimes.com/2012/02/20/top-10-jobs-that-make-the-w... [verified 4/25/14]