92 percent of Super PAC money has gone to the GOP

May 9, 2015

Of all the money the securities and investment industry has poured into the 2012 presidential contest so far -- to the candidates and the super PACs behind them -- an unambiguous 92 percent has gone to the GOP, according to a new Center for Responsive Politics analysis. Between his campaign committee and a monster super PAC supporting his candidacy, Romney has benefited from about 72% percent of the near $33 million Wall Street has contributed through February. The former Bain executive has received $7.3 million from industry-affiliated individuals and political action committees. That means securities and investment accounts for about 10 percent of the more than $74.8 million Romney has raised.



Source: Evan Mackinder, "Wall Street's Huge Bet on Romney," Open Secrets Blog, Mar. 23, 2012. http://www.opensecrets.org/news/2012/03/wall-streets-huge-bet-on-romney.... [verified 4/25/14]




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