98% of US soy crop either exported or processed in US in 2012

Taken from notes from phone call between USDA's Mark Ash and Natalie For 2012, 53% of the soy crop processed in US and 45% exported. This means 98% is EITHER exported or processed in US (remaining 2% seed stock, other) It’s a little tricky since processing gives us two things: the oil and meal (20/80 percent of tonnage, respectively) For meal, 79% will be used domestically. Most, but not all, is feed. Mark said there’s no USDA data on this, but anecdotally non-feed is a very small percentage. So if we were just looking to prove the statement “…most (US) soy, becomes raw material for creating products, like grain-fed meat…” we could (79% of 80%, which is the meal portion, equals 63%. Even if we conservatively [our conservative, not FAO’s version of it] estimate that 10% of meal is non-feed we still have more than half going to feed

.Source: http://usda.mannlib.cornell.edu/MannUsda/viewDocumentInfo.do?documentID=..., Tables 3,4, & 5 [verified 4/17/14]