Americans For Prosperity PAC reports low spending, likely spending over $7.8 million

May 9, 2015

"How would the 2012 presidential election be different? Because these groups don't disclose most of their spending, it's hard to say how much they've spent this year. But a look at what they have reported, and what they've spent in the past, can provide some clues. From the Center for Responsive Politics:" "Americans For Prosperity Reported: $67,643 Context clues: In 2010, it spent $1.3 million on federal races, according to the Center. Its state affiliates likely spent considerably more. Financial statements indicate it spent $6.5 million on "communications, ads, and media" in 2010."


Source: Article: Elizabeth Flock, and Seth Cline, “What Would The Election Look Like Without Crossroads GPS?” U.S. News, July 9, 2012. Statistics: Center for Responsive Politics, “Americans for Prosperity,” Last modified 2012. [verified 4/22/14]




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