Americans For Prosperity PAC reports low spending, likely spending over $7.8 million

"How would the 2012 presidential election be different? Because these groups don't disclose most of their spending, it's hard to say how much they've spent this year. But a look at what they have reported, and what they've spent in the past, can provide some clues. From the Center for Responsive Politics:" "Americans For Prosperity Reported: $67,643 Context clues: In 2010, it spent $1.3 million on federal races, according to the Center. Its state affiliates likely spent considerably more. Financial statements indicate it spent $6.5 million on "communications, ads, and media" in 2010."

Source: Article: Elizabeth Flock, and Seth Cline, “What Would The Election Look Like Without Crossroads GPS?” U.S. News, July 9, 2012. Statistics: Center for Responsive Politics, “Americans for Prosperity,” Last modified 2012. [verified 4/22/14]

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