Bacteria in Meat (Antibiotic Resistance) information from Food and Water Watch

“The federal government’s National Antimicrobial Resistance Monitoring System (NARMS) collects samples of bacteria from chicken breasts, ground turkey, ground beef and pork chops and measures the presence of several drug-susceptible and AR foodborne pathogens. Food & Water Watch has analyzed the 2010 NARMS data to estimate how widespread AR bacteria were as a whole in the retail meat samples collected. Some level of AR bacteria was common in all four meats. AR Salmonella was present in 8 percent of chicken breast samples and 11 percent of ground turkey samples. The presence of AR E. coli in the samples collected varied widely: 66 percent in ground turkey, 52 percent in chicken breasts, 20 percent in pork chops and 14 percent in ground beef.” Page 3

Source: Food and Water Watch, “Antibiotic Resistance 101: How Antibiotic Misuse on Factory Farms Can Make You Sick,” (Washington, D.C., September 2012), 3, accessed August 4, 2014,

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