Studies show that on average over 80% of happiness comes from relationships, health, spiritual...

Studies show that on average over 80% of happinesss comes from relationships, health, spiritual life, friends, and work fulfillment, while only 7% is about money. Here's the original data from the poll:

The aspect of the poll that cited in TT4 of Ecomind (#22) is on page 16 of that pdf link. This opinion poll was conducted by GfK NOP for The BBC's "The Happiness Formula" series. The poll was conducted by telephone. The fieldwork was carried out between 28-30 October 2005. The sample size was 1001 adults aged 15 or over, and the margin of error is +/- 3%. Also, here is the orginall BBC article written about the poll's findings: Turns out the poll was part of a BBC series called The Happiness Formula - and the trend in the UK toward using other measure of well-being instead of GDP

1). "In General, How Happy Would You Say You Are?" GfK NOP, October, 2005. 2). Mark Easton, "Britain's Happiness In Decline," BBC News, May 2, 2006. [verified 4/25/14]

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