Supreme Court rulings on general welfare clause in constitution

The Supreme Court ruled that Congress could spend money on the “General Welfare” and not just on the limited enumerated powers the radical right constantly claims. “Congress may spend money in aid of the "general welfare". Constitution, Art. I, section 8; United States v. Butler, 297 U. S. 1, 65; Steward Machine Co. v. Davis, supra. There have been great statesmen in our history who have stood for other views. We will not resurrect the contest. It is now settled by decision. United States v. Butler, supra The conception of the spending power advocated by Hamilton and strongly reinforced by Story has prevailed over that of Madison, which has not been lacking in adherents.” [ADDED BY FRANKIE, 7.12. NEEDS checking out]

"Social Security History," Social Security Administration. [verified 4/22/14]