Treated waste water now irrigates farm in Kenya in land reclaimed from garbage dump

It was only four years ago when Knyi took radical steps to change his own life and that of his local community when he converted some 22 hectares of a former garbage dump in Nanyuki, Kenya, into a profitable farm. He grows kale, cabbages, potatoes and fodder grasses. Kanyi uses recycled water from the town's sewarage treatment that works on his crops, which are extra healthy thanks to the nitrogen-rich liquid...He proposed clearing thousands of tons of garbage from council ground next to an official dump, in return for being allowed to use he reclaimed land to grow crops. Over time, his food has won acceptance and demand now is high. He grows a variety of crops, including export-quality french beans and peas. The farm now employs casual labourers and at least 20 street boys, who used to scavenge at the dump.

Source: Maina Waruru, "Waste Water farm tames the garbage monster," New Internationalist, October 2011. [verified 4/17/14]

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