UNEP statistics: cereal production & annual caloric need of population

All quotes derived from UNEP's article 'The Environmental Food Crisis -- the environments role in averting future food crises' "... developing alternatives to the use of cereal in animal feed, such as by recycling waste and using fish discards, could sustain the energy demand for the entire projected population growth of over 3 billion people and a 50% increase in aguaculture" (UNEP 2009) ^ Found on page 7 "The global production of cereals (including wheat, rice and maize) plays a crucial role in the world food supply, accounting for about 50% of the calorie intake of humans (Figure 6) (FAO, 2003). Any changes in the production of, or in the use of cereals for non-human consumption will have an immediate effect on the calorie intake of a large fraction of the world's population." (UNEP, 2009) ^ Found on page 17 PDF saved in S-drive, Documents folder: foodcrisis_lores

Source: http://www.unep.org/pdf/FoodCrisis_lores.pdf

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