Agricultural GHG emissions estimates



Crops & livestock = 5.3 billion tonnes CO2eq in 2011

Net forest conversion = 2.85 billion tonnes CO2eq/yr (total is 3.8 billion tonnes; agriculture accounts for 75% of deforestation - from CGIAR - 0.75x3.8=2.85)

Degraded peatlands = .15 billion tonnes CO2eq/yr (15% of the degraded peatlands related to agriculture based on "Peatlands" - original is 1 billion tonnes)

Energy emission from agriculture = .785 billion tonnes CO2eq/yrTOTAL: 9.085As percent of total GHG-e: 9.085/49 billion tonnes CO2eq (total anthropogenic emissions IPCC AR5) = 0.185 x 100 = 18.5% or almost 20%



"The total global contribution of agriculture, considering all direct and indirect emissions, is between 8.5 –16.5 Pg CO2-eq1,2, which represents between 17 and 32% of all global human-induced GHG emissions, including land use changes (Figure 1)."

CGIAR/Henry Neufeldt:19-29% entire food system14-24% agriculture (of which 30% to 50% is deforestation/land use change)14.5% livestock

Jonathan Foley Nature article:

"Agriculture is responsible for 30–35% of global greenhouse gas emissions, largely from tropical deforestation, methane emissions from livestock and rice cultivation, and nitrous oxide emissions from fertilized soils,"

"Clearing tropical forests is also a major source of greenhouse gas emissions and is estimated to release around 1.1 3 1015 grams of carbon per year, or about 12% of total anthropogenic CO2 emissions."

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