Cotton less than 1 percent (.71%) of worlds total agricultural area 2012

TSeed cotton (all, including seeds and not just for fibre) area accounted for .71% of world agricultural area in 2012.Seed Cotton: 34961320.30 hectares (2012) (Gossypium spp.: Unginned cotton. Grown for both seed and for fibre. FAO considers cottonseed, cotton lint and linters to be primary products. Lint content ranges from 30 to 40%, seed 55 to 65%, and linters 2 to 5% though they are not always separated.)Total agricultural area: 4922206560 hectares (2012)Math: 34961320.30/4922206560=0.007103 or .71%FAOSTAT, (Production, Crops, World + (Total), Area Harvested, Fibre crops (primary), 2012, accessed November 4, 2014),, (Production, Crops, World + (Total), Area Harvested, Seed cotton, 2012, accessed November 4, 2014),, (Inputs, Land, World + (Total), Area, Agricultural area, 2012, accessed November 4, 2014),

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