States that use public financing

from the website of Common Cause: Who is eligible for public financing? Gubernatorial candidates: Arizona, Connecticut, Florida, Hawaii, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, Nebraska, New Jersey, Vermont2 Statewide office candidates: Arizona, Connecticut, Florida, Nebraska, Rhode Island3 Statewide & legislative candidates: Arizona, Hawaii, Maine, Minnesota, Nebraska, WisconsinPolitical party designated by taxpayer: Alabama, Arizona, Idaho, Iowa, Maine, New Mexico, North Carolina, Rhode Island, Utah, VirginiaPolitical party (according to distribution formula): California, Indiana, OhioJudicial candidates: North CarolinaState utility oversight commissions: New Mexicomy own summarY; So the only states that have governor’s race and legislature and other state wide positions covered are 4: Arizona, Hawaii, Maine and Nebraska (the states that appear in line 1 and 3)Common Cause Website

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