Activists demand land in Janadesh, India 2007

"On October 28th, 2007, after 26 days on the road, 20,000 marchers walk quietly into India's capital and make camp in a dusty, barren fairground. Unexpected by the government and residents, it seems as if everyone has anticipated their giving up somewhere along the way."......." Over loudspeakers group leaders and activists announce their resolve: "Give us land or give us jail!" In the end, the government is forced to make a choice. With elections on the way and thousands of articulate activists growing steadily thirstier in the locked fairground, the Rural Development Minister announces a decision to fast-track a land reform policy. The demands of Janadesh 2007 have been met, without reservation. Questions as to whether the plans will be carried through to completion, or be hampered by corruption and lack of enforcement, are beside the point as the marchers celebrated their victory."Hohmann, Skye. "India's Janadesh 2007: In a place where land means life, the landless rural poor march for justice." World Watch. March/April 2008. pg 12-13.*contact skye hohmann for update.

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