Food insecurity in the US is 14.5% at some time during the year; 0.7-1.0% on an average day 2010

The remaining households (14.5 percent) were food insecure at least some time during the year, including 5.4 percent with very low food security—meaning that the food intake of one or more household members was reduced and their eating patterns were disrupted at times during the year because the household lacked money and other resources for food. The prevalence of these conditions on any given day is far below the corresponding annual prevalence. For example, the prevalence of very low food security on an average day during the 30-day period prior to the December 2010 survey is estimated to have been between 0.7 and 1.0 percent of households (0.8 to 1.2 million households; see box, “When Food Insecurity Occurs in U.S. Households, It Is Usually Recurrent But Not Chronic,” on page 9).Alisha Coleman-Jensen, Mark Nord, Margaret Andrews, and Steven Carlson, "Household Food Security in the United States in 2010," United States Department of Agriculture, September 2011.

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