Fishing affects the livelihood of 450 million people and the food security of 3 billion people

"Worldwide, human hunger for fish threatens not only the species we consume, but the livelihoods of roughly 450 million people-- and the food security of some 3 billion others, according to the Pew Environmental Group." [LAC: The Pew Environmental Group cited the FAO's 2012 State of World Fisheries and Aquaculture as the source of their statistics, however, there is a discrepancy in the statistic about the livelihoods affected by fishing. See (2) for the FAO report source. Here is the text from the FAO report:"Globally, fish provides about 3.0 billion people with almost 20 percent of their intake of animal protein, and 4.3 billion people with about 15 percent of such protein." (pg. 5)] "Apart from the primary production sector, fisheries and aquaculture provide numerous jobs in ancillary activities such as processing, packaging, marketing and distribution, manufacturing of fish-processing equipment, net and gear making, ice production and supply, boat construction and maintenance, research and administration. All of this employment, together with dependants, is estimated to support the livelihoods of 660–820 million people, or about 10–12 percent of the world’s population." (pg. 10)]"An estimated 90 percent of forage fish such as herring, anchovies, and other small fish are removed from the ocean food chain to feed farmed fish (it takes at least three pounds of small wild fish to grow one pound of farmed salmon."Vasic, Jonny. "Hook, Line & Sinker." VegNews. Nov.-Dec. 2012. 51. (2) "The State of World Fisheries and Aquaculture," (Rome, Italy: FAO 2012)

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