The bottom half of the world's adults together own 1.1 % of global wealth and more on poverty

1. "Many more people -- some 360 million -- have died from hunger and remediable diseases in peacetime in the 20 years since the end of the Cold War than perished from wars, civil wars, and government repression over the entire twentieth century."

2. "Roughly one third of all human deaths, 18 million annually, are due to poverty-related causes, easily preventable through better nutrition, safe drinking water, cheap rehydration packs, vaccines, antibiotics, and other medicines."

3. "While the income ratio between the top and bottom decile of the human population is a staggering 273:1, their wealth ratio is ten times greater still. In 2000 the bottom half of the world's adults together owned 1.1 percent of global wealth, with the bottom 10 percent having only 0.03 percent, while the top 10 percent had 85.1 percent and the top 1 percent had 39.9 percent."

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More on bottom half of world population owning only 1% of global wealth can be found on page 26 of this 2006 UN document:

James B. Davies, Susanna Sandstrom, Anthony Shorrocks, and Edward N. Wolff. “The World Distribution of Household Wealth.” United Nations University, World Institute for Development Economics Research. (December 2006), p.26;

Pogge, Thomas, Politics as Usual: What Lies Behind the Pro-Poor Rhetoric. Cambridge, UK: Polity Press, 2010: 11-13.

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