Information on abortion rates. Rates do not drop when abortion is illegal.

Approximately 26 million legal and 20 million illegal abortions were performed worldwide in 1995, resulting in a worldwide abortion rate of 35 per 1,000 women aged 15–44. [[46 million]]

Among the subregions of the world, Eastern Europe had the highest abortion rate (90 per 1,000) and Western Europe the lowest rate (11 per 1,000). Among countries where abortion is legal without restriction as to reason, the highest abortion rate, 83 per 1,000, was reported for Vietnam and the lowest, seven per 1,000, for Belgium and the Netherlands. Abortion rates are no lower overall in areas where abortion is generally restricted by law (and where many abortions are performed under unsafe conditions) than in areas where abortion is legally permitted.

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for material below: By ELISABETH ROSENTHAL Published: October 12, 2007 We now have a global picture of induced abortion in the world, covering both countries where it is legal and countries where laws are very restrictive,” Dr. Paul Van Look, director of the W.H.O. Department of Reproductive Health and Research, said in a telephone interview. “What we see is that the law does not influence a woman’s decision to have an abortion. If there’s an unplanned pregnancy, it does not matter if the law is restrictive or liberal.”

Sharon Camp chief ex.of the Guttmacher Institute points out that abortion fell by 50% in Eastern Europe after the fall of communism and contraception became more widely available. She says this is best way to reduce abortion.

The study says that 20 million "unsafe" abortions are performed each year and 67,000 women die from complications, most where abortion is illegal.

says US abortion rate is 21/1000 whereas in W Europe is 12/1000 (alludes to availability of contraception)

apparently worldwide abortions have fallen from 46 to 42 million between '95 and '03. [this would mean that roughly half of aboriton are "unsafe"]

refers to S Africa where abortion was made legal in '96 and saw a 90% reduction in mortality "some studies have shown." (opening section) and NYT ELISABETH ROSENTHAL October 12, 2007

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