Bottom half of world population is 3% of global household income

The collective income of all these people - the bottom half - is less than three percent of global household income, and so there is a grotesque maldistribution of income and wealth. The bottom quarter of the human population has only three-quarters of one percent of global household income, about one thirty-second of the average income in the world, whereas the people in the top five percent have nine times the average income. So the ratio between the averages in the top five percent and the bottom quarter is somewhere around 300 to one - a huge inequality that also gives you a sense of how easily poverty could be avoided.

"the bottom quarter less than 1% of global household income"

Thomas Pogge, interviewed by Keane Bhatt (Yale University Professor) on the Past, Present and Future of Global Poverty, Truthout, May 2011

[verified 4/25/14]

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