Social connections a key component in the success of a community-owned solar power station in UK

"In December 2009, Transition Town Totnes, the UK's first Transition initiative, was one of 20 community groups in England and Wales to win the Department of Energy and Climate Change's Low Carbon Communities Challenge."

"... the main benefit that people who have participated talk about is the social connections they have made and how they now feel so much more a part of their community."

"In 2011 [Ouse Valley Energy Services Company Ltd (an offshoot of Transition Town Lewes)] took on its most exciting and ambitious project to date, installing a 98kW solar photovoltaic array on the roof of local brewery Harveys to create the UK's first community-owned solar power station."

"The community share launch event in April 2011 was attended by 300 people. Within five weeks the target of 307,000 pounds had been reached and Harveys brewed a commemorative beer called Sunshine Ale to celebrate the launch of the scheme."

Hopkins, Rob. "Transition and Wellbeing." Resurgence. Nov./Dec. 2011. 34.

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