Inquality of income is worsening

June 23, 2015



The real average pay of American CEOs, including share-based compensation, rose
from over US$ 16 million per year in 2003 to nearly US$ 24.5 million in 2007. This
increase – nearly 10 per cent per year on average – far exceeded that of 2.5 per cent for other executives and 0.7 per cent for employees (fi g. 1.9, panel A).


Including share-based compensation, therefore, accentuates the gap between CEO
compensation and average salaries. In 2007, US CEOs earned more than 521 times the
average employee, as against 370 times four years earlier (fi g. 1.9, panel B). When sharebased compensation is included, CEOs also earned nearly twice as much as average executives
in 2007, compared to one and a half times as much in 2003.


International Labor Organization, The World of Work Report 2008, Income Inequalities in an Age of Financial Globalization, Geneva, 18.,

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