Garbage fuel will power British Airways planes

Resurgence & Ecologist has long advocated reducing waste at resource, but until we make that transition waste will continue to exist, and there's already plenty in the ground. British Airways (BA) has come up with a possible short-term solution with its plan that by 2017 it will be possible to fly from London to New York in a plane using fuel made from municipal solid waste.

BA has partnered with Solena Fuels to make 50,000 tonnes of jet fuel per year from waste as part of the GreenSky project, based in a invested in the gasification technology, and the result is high-quality fuel. What's more, the process yields twice the energy that incinerating waste-to-fuel process indicates that a journey using GreenSky bio-jet fuel will emits 95% less greenhouse gases than the same journey using conventional fuel. Industry specialists believe the technology offers a promising alternative fuel for airlines.

Lorna Howarth, “Rubbish - Fuelled Planes,” Resurgence &Ecologist, September/October 2014, no. 286: p5

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