Germany has experienced more economical growth than the US despite raising their average wage 24% mo

"Smith, Hedrick (2012-09-11). Who Stole the American Dream? (Kindle Locations 5891-5894). Random House Publishing Group. Kindle Edition.[Frances Moore Lappé thought: One often hears that “globalization” inevitably suppresses US wages. The experience of Germany is a strong counterargument.]“Since 1985, Germany’s average wage went up nearly 30 percent versus only 6 percent in the United States. In foreign trade, Germany generated $ 2 trillion in trade surpluses from 2000 to 2010, while the United States racked up $ 6 trillion in trade deficits. So today, Germany still has twice as many people working in manufacturing as the United States— 21 percent of its workforce to 9 percent of ours.”

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