Public pride in US democracy is at a 20-year low, but at least 86% of Americans still think representative democracy is a good thing. Then again, 17% say military rule would be a good way of governing the country...

November 14, 2015

"Despite diminishing faith in US democracy, Americans express faith in democracy itself. According to Pew, large majorities (67–86%) believe direct democracy and representative democracy are a good thing.Forty percent say the same about rule by unelected experts, 22% a “strong leader” who makes decisions “without interference from parliament or the courts,” and 17% military rule. Partisan divides are marked on “strong leader” rule—one in three Republicans believes this is a good thing, whereas only 17% of Democrats say the same. (Pew)"


Rethink Media, "Democracy - Fall Bulletin, Public Opinion Analysis," Retrieved from:

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