Progressive new party in India called AAP platforms for Delhi

AAP's 18 main points as summarized in media: "The points include: Regularisation of unauthorised colonies, pukka (concrete) houses for slum dwellers, 500 new schools, regular jobs for those working on contract basis with the Delhi government, full statehood for Delhi and control over Delhi Development Authority and Delhi Police by the state government and not the centre, and provision for people to make decisions at "mohalla sabhas" or neighbourhood gatherings.

Gallup Poll 2013: In a January 7-10, 2013 survey conducted by Gallup, 51% of republicans, 62% of independents, and 70% of democrats said they are “very/somewhat dissatisfied with the size and influence of major corporations.” Source: “Americans Similarly Dissatisfied with Corporations, Gov't,” Gallup, Inc., last modified January 17, 2013, accessed July 3, 2014,

TwoCircles blog, December 15, 2013 [verified 4/15/14]

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